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The acceptable payment method is EFT or Debit and Credit cards.

Your hospital account:

  • Cintocare Hospital will submit your account electronically to your medical scheme after discharge.

The account will include the following:

  • Accommodation – this refers to the use of general units, specialised units as well as private rooms.

  • Theatre time – this refers to the charge per minute for the time spent in theatre.

  • Theatre medication and instrumentation – this refers to the medication and equipment used during an operation.

  • Prosthesis, where relevant

  • Pharmacy medication – this refers to the medication or consumables used during your stay.

  • Medicine taken home (TTO) – this refers to the medicine that you receive on discharge.

  • Our Debtors Department will contact you if your medical aid does not pay in full or if the claim is rejected. Some medical aids do not cover the entire cost of your care, You are responsible for the outstanding amount that your medical aid does not pay.

  • Private patients will pay the full estimated amount as a deposit.

  • Please note that this is only an estimate of cost and not the final account.

  • This is payable on admission.

  • CINTOCARE IS A CASHFREE ENVIRONMENT – The acceptable payment method is EFT or Debit and Credit cards.

  • Embassy staff need a letter from the embassy with a guarantee of payment.

  • SANDF staff need a letter of authorisation.

  • To speed up the admission process, please complete the Patient Admission Form at home and forward the completed form to

  • Estimate cost - You may request a quote from our Bed bookings Department before admission. You are welcome to send an e-mail to

  • Our Case Managers are trained nurses who mediate each patient’s case with their respective medical aids. They undertake assessments, monitor, plan, advocate and update clinical information to medical aid funders.

  • You can contact them whenever you have a question about your medical aid cover in hospital. 

  • or +27 12 945 3000

Additional accounts for allied services:

  • Private service providers, like doctors / blood test (pathologists) and X-rays are not included in the hospital account and you should expect a separate bill from each of these private service providers.

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